About Us


Xtreme Group was founded in 2018 by a passionate & committed team to empower individuals to a healthier lifestyle and to provide mechanical solutions to industrial needs.

Our team specialize in life-changing fitness equipment, nutrition, and lifestyle programs individualized to a person’s goals and needs. We do this by creating awareness, which gives people the freedom to choose a healthier life, one full of energy and joy. This is done one step at a time, giving the client a chance to adjust to the changes, both emotionally and physically.

Our clients will be motivated and ready to make a change in their lives towards healthy life style. We strive to exceed expectations of our valuable clients of what they wants and needs. We care about them as individuals and are thrilled to see transformation of a client’s body, belief systems, and ultimately, their lives.

Xtreme Group also represents some of the most prominent Brands and Supplement producers in Pakistan.

Xtreme Group is comprising of the followings companies:





Our members benefit from a free gym programme and review every month, free studio classes and price
reductions on our personal training sessions. As a member you can also access our pool and tennis courts for
free and have priority for booking any of the pre-book activities, classes or sessions that we run.

If you don’t want to commit to being a member you can still use all of our facilities but you will need to have
an induction session before using the facilities to ensure that Health and Safety requirements are met – you
don’t want to injure yourself on your first visit and ruin all your good.